Monday, May 20, 2013

Herotica 3 - edited by Susie Bright

Back in the 1990s, when I was working at a Public Library in Texas, we received a donation of books for the children's collection that claimed to be appropriate for K-12 readers. I don't remember where the donation came from, but I do remember that we were puzzled by their designation as children's books. Some seemed to be appropriate for a variety of ages, but others were clearly adult-themed literature. Susie Bright's collection of short stories, Herotica 3, challenged even my own liberal beliefs about age appropriateness. While I don't deny that the work might be appropriate for a public library, it seemed a bit of a stretch to include this one in the children's, or even young adult, collection. Since the copy we received was also damaged, it didn't end up in the collection at all, and it found its way into my own personal library. I read it at the time, and have not revisited it again, but I recall that my favorite story involved a three-way with a librarian, so I recently re-read that story, strictly for the sake of blog completeness, of course.

In Susan St. Aubin's "Hope" we find a wonderfully different definition of the sexy librarian, rather than a young woman who only needs to remove her big glasses and let her hair down, in Hope we discover a confident 50-ish woman "with shoulder length white hair curled under in a way the seems natural. She's not short or tall, not fat or thin, but has the kind of build [the narrator's] father used to call healthy. Her face in tanned and her long gold earring have some kind of purple stone inlay that glints through her hair. Her skirt is purple too, and her lavender sweater scoops low enough  to reveal the tanned skin of her full breasts...she doesn't wear underpants."

I was especially drawn to this character when I read that she'd "been all over Mexico, and plans a long trip to Peru next year...talking of boats and flights and donkey guides to Machu Picchu". Hmmm must be something about librarians.

A wonderful bedtime story. Read  it with someone you love.

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