Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Thanks, Martin

This project was partially inspired by Martin Raish's Librarians in the Movies page. Raish has undertaken to list, and rank, all movies that feature libraries or librarians. The ranks depend on how heavily the library is featured in the film, and whether the librarians have speaking parts. It is a fun page, and he is glad to add information when provided. When I wrote my first blog "My Year of Reading 'Year of' Books" I began a tradition of mentioning whenever the author refered to libraries or librarians in the work. This was continued in my next year-long project with the Celebrating the States blog. Since then whenever I read a book that includes a mention of libraries I have felt a need to write something about it, but since my current blog (Una Nueva Receta Cada Semana) is about cooking, it does not seem like the right venue for it. So I am starting a new blog, that will be on-going, rather than year long, in which I will be able to post about "library" books. The reviews will focus on how librararians are portrayed in each.

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