Thursday, January 19, 2012

The House of Real Love - by Carla Tomaso

The House of Real Love

The pull-quote on the front cover of this novel reads "a true lesbian farce". I don't think I could come up with a more accurate description. Let's begin with the unnamed Narrator and her lover, Connie, living in a house that's shaped like a cave, and Connie kicking Narrator out when it is discovered Narrator has had other girlfriends. Narrator stalks, and then moves in with, her therapist, and finally wins Connie back by pretending to be a man and moving back into the cave as Connie's new roommate. Crazy stuff. But, enough with that. The important thing is that our Narrator knows the value of libraries. In researching Amiee Cabot, the architect of her unlikely dwelling, Narrator, with the assistance of the "eagle-eyed archivist", discovers Cabot's original notebooks, drawings, and letters in the University library, where Narrator spends six hours a day investigating the woman who claims she "never [knew] real love".

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