Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Librarians A to Z - by Jean Johnson (in honor of National LibraryWorkers Day)

This work, part of the "Community Helpers" series, is an alphabetical photo essay showing what librarians do. Published in 1988 it is a bit dated with its pictures of card catalogs, book pockets and "due date" stamps, nevertheless in just under 50 pages it goes a long way in breaking the stereotype that librarians do nothing but sit around and read all day. Librarians are shown doing art projects, helping people with research, creating exhibits, choosing materials for purchase (as well as discarding or "weeding" out-of-date or damaged materials), doing story hours, and driving bookmobiles - all things that are still part of our jobs. The librarians appear engaged with their work and with their patrons, working to instill a love of reading and learning.

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