Monday, March 11, 2013

Library Lion - by Michelle Knudsen

Running, and making loud noises are against the rules at the library, however, there are no rules about lions. So, when a lion comes into the library and makes himself at home during story hour he is allowed to stay as long as he is quiet, and doesn't run. The lion returns day after day, and in addition to enjoying story hour, he is also a helpful volunteer - assisting with licking stamps and using his wonderful mane to dust. He endears himself to just about everyone, including Miss Merriweather, the bun-toting, sensible-shoe-wearing, bespectacled head librarian, who learns that "sometimes there [is] a good reason to break the rules. Even in the library." This is a sweet children's story, although I thought while I was reading it that it was older than its 2006 publication date might have had me believe. References to the card catalog seemed outdated, and will children even understand that "stacks" mean bookshelves?

Reading this reminded me of the PBS children's show Between the Lions. I used to love watching this with my daughter when she was young.

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