Wednesday, January 15, 2014

The Family Fang - by Kevin Wilson

I've picked up this book several times from the "fun books" shelf in my library, but I seemed to always find something else I was more interested in reading. I also assumed this would be a not-very-good vampire book, but there were no vampires at all. And the only fangs (for teeth) were fake.

Annie and Buster Fang (Child A and Child B to the rest of the world) live in a world of surreal art. They indeed are part of the art that is created by their parents, Camille and Caleb. Buster and Annie are players in roles they neither understand nor want. As adults they leave their parents' home and try their hands at their own crafts (acting for Annie; writing for Buster) much to their parents' great disappointment.

There were a few passing mentions of using libraries as meeting space, and one description of a person who "looked, to Annie, like the coolest librarian on the face of the earth". Lucy Wayne, who was not in fact a librarian, but rather a movie director, shows up at an art gallery opening "wearing a white blouse, the first four buttons undone, with a pair of horn-rimmed glasses hanging from the V of her neckline, complemented by a black-and-white checkered skirt..." She appeared to be "someone who spent most of her time having sex in the stacks". I must admit that the term  "sexy librarian" came to my mind even before I read what Annie thought of the outfit.

Lucy Wayne is also the director of the movie that "jump-started" Annie's career. The movie was called Date Due and Annie "played a shy, drug-addicted librarian who gets involved with skinheads, with tragic results".

Both funny and sad, this book is for all those who've survived their families and lived to tell about it

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