Thursday, July 2, 2015

Inkheart - by Cornelia Funke

In the spirit of Libriomancer and The Neverending Story the characters in this work blur the lines between fantasy and reality. And like The Seven Minutes  this is a novel about a fictitious novel with the same title.

Young Meggie, and her father Mo both have the ability to read people (and other creatures) out of books. This is hardly a gift, as it is difficult for them to control, and results in the introduction of some unsavory characters into their own world. Additionally, each being who is read into their world necessitates an exchange of one of their own (the reason Meggie does not remember her mother, who disappeared when she was young). When Dustfinger, a character who appeared on the scene at the time that Meggie's mother vanished, shows up at Mo and Meggie's house after many years Mo realizes they are in danger and attempts to hide out with a relative (Elinor, the aunt of his missing wife). Mo, Meggie, Elinor, Dustfinger and his marten (Gwin) are ultimately captured by the evil Capricorn (a.k.a. "Inkheart") and must use their cunning and exceptional reading abilities to escape.

Mo is a book mender which makes for a fair number of references to libraries as he talks about his work. Elinor is a bibliophile, and there are countless mentions of her personal library throughout. Libraries and bookstores are also the places that Capricorn sought out all remaining copies of Inkheart so that he could be assured that he had the only copy in existence, thus preventing himself from having to return to his own world.

Truly escape reading. I found this on a list of 19 Books to Read if You Loved the Harry Potter Series.

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