Thursday, May 30, 2013

An Extremely Goofy Movie (a.k.a. An Extremely Mind-Numbing Movie)

When I blogged about Scott Douglas' book Quiet Please I ended the post by saying that I added this movie to my Netflix list based on his recommendation. Wow. Two thumbs down. Even at the standard Disney-movie length of about 75 minutes this film wasted too much of my time. I get it that this is a children's movie, but even so, it has been my experience that movies made for kids try to have something in them to maintain the interest of the adults who are stuck accompanying their children to the theater. No so for this one, I just wanted it to end. While it did have a librarian as one of the supporting characters - Goofy's girlfriend, Sylvia Marpole, and she was pretty cool as animated librarians go, overall it was just dumb. James and I both noticed that at the end of the film that Sylvia showed up at Goofy's graduation driving a convertible, and then slid over to the passenger's seat to let him take the wheel. Really? In a movie made in 2000? Didn't anyone producing this film think that was incredibly sexist, and stupid? Otherwise, the only other thing I liked about the film was the almost-cool 70s disco-era soundtrack. Gave me a nasty earworm, though.

Final verdit: This movie is only for the truly die-hard librarians-on-film aficionados.

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