Wednesday, February 25, 2015

The Strange Library - by Haruki Murakami

I had read a few reviews of this, and was quite looking forward to reading it, expecting to perhaps read a paranormal version of something like Escape from Mr. Lemoncello's Library. There was a library escape, and it definitely was other worldly, but this was not the fun-ride that Lemoncello's Library was. Rather it is a dark story about a boy who goes to his public library and finds himself imprisoned by a brain-eating librarian, and a "sheep man".

I actually got a little excited when the boy first entered the library and said he was looking for some books, and was sent to room 107 because, in fact, room 107 is also the number of my own office in the library. And, like the librarian in the book if someone came to my office needing help finding books, and then backed off saying that they'd come back another time because they thought maybe I was too busy to help them  I would likewise answer "This is my profession - I am never too busy! Tell me the the manner of books that you seek and I will strive to locate their whereabouts." (I'd say something like that, anyway). The similarities stop there, however, as I would most certainly not lead them through a maze and up a dark staircase and lock them away while their mother waited at home.

While this book is library-centric, it is hardly library positive. It definitely did not have the resolution I was looking for. It is a quick read with a lot of good illustrations.

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