Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Stacked - by Aviva Blakeman

Well, here we are once again in Read-a-Romance Month. As with last year's choice of romance this one was mostly about the sex. In this case wildly unashamed sex between bad-boy biker Oscar "Mags" Magellan and super sexy librarian Imogene (who prefers binding vintage clothing to the practical outfits most of my denizens elect to wear to work). As with every librarian-themed romance I've read the librarian in this one is not only sexy, but competent in their job as well. I do like that. 

A point is made in this work of the importance of  "cycling books out of the collection" (aka "weeding") to make room for new books, as well as to curate the collection. Removing damaged books and those with outdated information not only makes room for new books it provides library users with the best information. Imogene decides that "a complete set of Encyclopedia Britannica that was written when Russia was still part of the USSR" is "definitely getting donated". I do wonder, though who she thinks wants such books. While donating the books may make weeding more palatable to certain taxpayers, some things really just need to get recycled.

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