Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Joey Pigza Swallowed the Key - by Jack Gantos

My husband and I are renting a house by the water for the fall and are spending our weekends there in blissful quiet and beauty. While walking in my temporary neighborhood last weekend I discovered a "Little Free Library" set up on one of the front lawns. I had heard about the LFL movement (and even "liked" one on Facebook) but had not before encountered any. I could hardly pass up an opportunity to take some new reading material, and was pleased to find Gantos' book, which I took back to my rental and read before the afternoon was over. A quick easy read about a boy who can't keep still, and gets in a lot of trouble. (Really, you shouldn't run with scissors)!  Joey very much wants to please his teachers, and can't understand why they think he's such a "pain". After all, he explains
...most of the time [he] wasn't even in the classroom. [He] was in the principal's office, or with the nurse, or...helping out in the library (emphasis mine), or cafeteria, or running laps on the playground.
Certainly, if he helps out in the library he can't be all that bad!

Little Free Library - Planter's Island MA

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